Our Doctors
Dr Ashesh Pabbies, MD CCFP

Dr. Pabbies graduated from the University of Calgary Family Medicine Residency Program.  He is the founder of the Foothills Medical Clinic.  Since graduating, he has worked to establish a clinic that provides comprehensive, collaborative and preventative care to patients. 

Dr Onome Ogona MD

Dr. Ogona is a Family Medicine Specialist who has interests in Women's Health.  She has years of experience in both adult and pediatric medicine. Dr. Ogona is trained in both the insertion and removal of IUDs.  If you are interested in an IUD, please contact the clinic to meet with Dr. Ogona. 

Dr Anurag Saincher, MD CCFP FRCPC

Dr. Saincher is unfortunately having to return to British Columbia and as such will not be practicing at the Foothills Medical Clinic as of Jan. 31, 2019.  Please check on our website/by calling the clinic or in person to see when the new physician will be starting.  

Dr Claudia Sutiono MD

Dr. Sutiono is a Family Medicine specialist with years of clinical experience.  Her practice consists of both adult and pediatric medicine and her core beliefs revolve around providing comprehensive and preventative medical care to her patients.  Dr. Sutiono is also trained in the insertion and removal of IUDs.  Please contact the clinic if you are interested in an IUD. Call 403-282-2804 to book an appointment to meet with Dr. Sutiono.

Our Practice



The Foothills Medical Clinic started as a four room "mini clinic" and has now expanded to a large practice located in Calgary.  The Foothills Medical Clinic is founded by Dr. Ashesh Pabbies, a graduate of the University of Calgary's Family Medicine Residency Program.  Dr. Pabbies and all the physicians at the Foothills Medical Clinic have a strong committment to public health care.  

The physicians at the Foothills Medical Clinic have a unique philosophy of preventative, comprehensive, and collaborative medicine.  Our approach to health involves working closely with patients, specialists and allied health professionals.  We believe in early screening programs, disease prevention strategies and providing early intervention when needed.

We are a patient centered care facility where the patient ALWAYS comes first.  We look forward to meeting with you and working with you and your family to optimize your health.  


170, 1620 - 29th ST NW

Calgary, Alberta

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